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Tidewater Harvest is a roguelike-like video game about managing a pirate ship on its unique voyage. The procedurally generated world yields different challenges and situations for each game. Combat consists of either ballistic combat between ships or melee combat between crew via boarding. Players will also have to fend off Krakens with their crew's sabers as well. The four different model ships offer their own set of advantages and difficulties. There are numerous strategies for success, and the player can develop a favored playstyle or find novel means of victory. With a wide range of variables, players are in store for loads of adventures and excitement out on the sea!

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Game features

  • 4 unique ship models -- 1 to start, 3 unlockable
  • Ballistic and boarding combat
  • Above-deck and below-deck views
  • Upgrade ship stats at a port
  • Install new weapons and augments to boost ship performance
  • Add crewmates by hiring, finding, or rescuing
  • Fight the Kraken!
  • Dice-roll events like encountering Sirens or Mermaids
  • Quests and rewards
  • Procedurally generated world for each New Game
  • Explore 9 unique seas/regions per game with ~35 nodes each
  • Encounter 8 different factions
  • Sail and plunder til you sink, your crew is wiped, or your ship is captured!
  • Save/Load games and Autosave from your last location
  • A full game guide and tutorial for all ye landlubbers!

Game modes

Currently only an "arcade mode." Sail for as long as you can. Amass as much wealth as you can. If your ship is sunk or captured or your crew is wiped, that is game over. Your vessel's score is recorded. Your best ship is recorded on the statistics page.

Will have: Campaign mode. Fleet mode. Pacifist Mode expansion.

State of the game

The game is mostly complete and very playable. The areas that are incomplete are things like:

  •  Better stories and quests
  •  Balancing some areas of gameplay
  •  Implementing different game modes

I'm hoping to set off with a nice little community of players to help complete these parts. User feedback is invaluable at this juncture, and I like the idea of molding the game's universe with the players' input in mind.

Remaining bugs

  • I'll tell you right now, there is one bug that pops up occasionally and it's been tenacious. At high intensity moments, the game *may* rarely hiccup. It has little actual impact aside from being a bit disconcerting. I'm still hunting down the necessary corrections.
  • There are potential localization issues with different machines. I've tested on many machines, but if you see something off, that may be why. If you relay the issue to me, I'll happily work to accommodate your machine's settings.

There is an autosave feature which renders bugs in the game far less frightening. It almost never happens now, but should your game crash, you can reload from your last ship location.

Sensitivity concerns

  • There are lightning flashes during squalls. They do not violate recommended hertz levels, but they are nevertheless togglable. I personally prefer the chillness of the squalls sans lightning.
  • My friend complained the motion of the waves made him a bit motion sick. I have included a feature to make the waves nearly static to accommodate this concern.

Some future plans

  • Ghost ship with ghost crew.
  • Hull breaches: your ship will take on water in the lower deck. Must be patched or your ship will sink!
  • Krakens having better attacks.
  • Pacifist Mode expansion. I'm so very excited about this! But it's a ways off from now.
  • Mac and Linux support.
Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship will be added later. Presently I intend for all DLC updates to be free aside from the Pacifist Mode expansion.

The abridged trailer. The full one (top of this page) is more fun if you haven't seen it.

Night time main menu screen.

System Requirements

2GB of RAM, Java 1.8, Windows Vista or later.


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